Selected as the Lighting Control Category Winner in the 2008 EC&M Product of the Year competition, Shawnee Lighting System's patented Lighting Power Cabinet (LPC) integrates electrical distribution equipment and lighting controls for any outdoor sports site into an eye-pleasing freestanding enclosure featuring custom colors.  Factory shipped fully assembled and UL listed, it dramatically reduces installation time and startup costs. Remote control and monitoring options provide energy savings.

The LPC combines the main circuit breakers, the buss bar, branch circuit breakers, lighting contactors and the controls -- all as one unit. It enters from your power company and exits to your poles, all from one location.

The LPC also provides means to feed supplemental loads such as scoreboards, sprinkler pumps and concession stands from the same unit.

There is no other system available that offers features like the LPC.

The LPC is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the sports site that is strategically positioned in an optimum location on the site. It is intended to be very visible to the spectators and is designed to be both attractive and compatible with the theme of the sports site it controls.

Since the LPC is powder-coated with team colors or graphics, it adds greatly to the ambiance of the sporting event.


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